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No weel

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Not a lot done today, due to my indisposition. I've been having wee spins of labyrinthitis of late, mainly when I turn over in bed, but this morning I had a big whopper. I felt really nauseous too. So up to the doctor I went as soon as I could. I know it can be controlled once you have the pills, which I now have.

But I didn’t feel too chirpy today, and just lay on the sofa.

JR took Archie up the hill, where she slipped in the wet muddy snow, but Archie had a great time chasing around with a wee schnauzer called Mabel.

Nothing else was done today. I'm feeling a bit better, but that could be because of the big bag of crisps that I munched through this afternoon.

Hope I've recovered tomorrow - it's an auspicious day...

Photo by JR

EDIT: Oops. I thought my blipday was tomorrow, same day as Archie's birthday..

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