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By walkingMarj

International Women's Day 2018

You will be glad to know that I do not have to write out a list of disasters today.

The district nurse called to change dressings on Mum's leg and arm. (The wounds are doing fine, but I had to ask someone to come when I was on holiday, and she's on the rota now!) It was someone else we did not know, but she was a delight. We are so  lucky with the nurses on the team here.

This afternoon, Mum went to the Mother's Union. The subject was plants in the Bible and the speaker was very good. I went to the North Tyne Community Choir. We had a great afternoon. It was all too short. We are rehearsing a new arrangement for a song from the Faroe Islands. It's in English for now, but we have to learn the words in Faroese once we've nailed the notes!! I think this new choir sounds great, but I'm biased. (I would say if I thought it wasn't.) Our leader, Kat Davidson, was persuaded to be in my blip for International Women's Day. If I'd know about "Press for Progress" I would have asked her to do that.

The cats are becoming experts at lifting carpets. Anyone need them to help?

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