Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

"Prime Rib"

Dark,  wet and dreary.   An appointment got cancelled so I had some good time to spend in the studio on an art book project that’s been waiting too long.    Taking a break from the deathcleaning altho a load did go to Goodwill today.  Little by little.   Also sent off a couple more bears to the mother bear project (which can be a great charitable use of your knitting time..I've blipped it before...check out the photos on their website..there are some much more creative ones than mine (extra)…. A cousin has knit 140!  I’ve knit 7!).  
But I wanted to blip this hat , thank you to blipper Meles!   who I had the pleasure of meeting in Edinburgh and then saw her blip of such hat.   Big needles, big yarn and a wonderful (new to me) stretchy stitch called prime rib make a fabulous quick watchcap.

Today Grandson Oskar turns into a teenager,...will get a portrait on the weekend.

dinner out in the neighborhood with friends soon...what a lovely day it turned into!

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