Fitness Class as usual this afternoon.  Only 12 there this week. Emma our instructor decided  to mix things up a bit so we didn't do our usual circuits - we did a few exercises on repeat instead.

After Fitness and before shopping I went on a blip hunt.  The Mono Monday theme is Building/s.  I chose to blip the Salerooms.  They used to sell all sorts of stuff - cleaning products, accessories and they had a wonderful selection of greetings cards.   But in recent years they have only been selling floor coverings and beds.  Its been a Salerooms sine 1966.  Before that it was a Miners Welfare Hall which opened after the First World War. Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting the challenge.

I decided to bite the bullet and go to Slimming Club this evening.  I was not surprised that I put on 2½  pounds. Much less than it would have been if I had gone last Monday.  I got an award.  Biggest Loser in my group. ( Total weight loss as of today is 3 stone 11½ pounds. ) I got a certificate and a set of mugs.  I will try really hard to lose that pesky 2½  pounds by next Monday.

The weather today has been terrible - its just rained and rained from morning till night.

Steps today - 14,352

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