Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Blipped on 20th March.

The guys at Volvo didn't let me down! My car was ready to collect yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to get there, so first thing on the agenda today was to bring the Volvo back. To save time, Verna and Eileen met me at the garage.

We drove to the other side of town to collect G, but it wasn't quite time yet, so I *tried* to collect a Fujifilm T2 camera that the agent has a scheme to try for free for three days. The road network was so complex, I gave up. We sat by the beach instead, enjoying a very cool breeze and watching all the tourists till it was time to pick G up.

Once done, we raced to The Observatory; a very swank restaurant on the 52nd floor of the Marriott Harbour hotel with great views of Skydive Dubai, Jumeirah Palm and Dubai Marina. A waitress was in the process of talking us through the menu when my sister - SweetArt - suddenly walked in and just stood before me, balloon in hand, and her luggage by her side. She had just got off a flight from Hong Kong and come straight to the restaurant! UNBELIEVABLE! She's flown over for my special birthday. I was speechless; and so happy!

We enjoyed our lunch and the views and chatted non-stop, then came home for a cup of tea before heading out again to see some of the exciting new developments of Dubai, namely La Mer and City Walk. My main blip shows us girls; the extra is one of the more arty (SOOC) pictures I managed to get at City Walk. Oh, and I bought 5 balloons for tomorrow's party...

Another late night; I think we will all sleep soundly. :D

PS. The very smart waitress at The Observatory figured something special was going on and emerged with a small chocolate cake with "Happy Birthday" written on it towards the end!

SweetArt's version
rachelwhynot's version

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