Old Calton Burial Ground

Last night I was already in bed when I remembered I needed to get up early today, so I made TT set the alarm. However, when it went off at 7am this morning, I was the only person still in bed (and asleep).  TT was already up and working on his laptop and BB was glued to an iPad.  What was going on?

I left them with some chores to do and headed off to Edinburgh to get my hair cut.  I was early and had a quick look around the shops.  It was a lovely day and felt really spring like, so even though lots of shops had sales on, I was drawn to the new summer clothes.  I succumbed to a summer cardigan.  Once my hair was sorted out I went to meet my god daughter for lunch.  Her final exams are starting very soon and is a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work she still has to get through and on top of that ended up in hospital this week  - poor thing.  She seemed fine today, though very tired and anxious about her work. I hope that getting out of her flat for a  while helped to distract her from everything for a wee while.

I walked back into town and just missed a bus home, so ended up on a really packed slow bus, but I managed to get a seat and managed to read my book, which I am really enjoying.

The boys went to church and brought fish and chips home for tea.  BB has been after fish and chips for tea for a while, so tonight he got his wish!

This is Old Calton Burial ground in the morning sunshine.

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