By Teasel


I awoke early, but dozed for a   while, before reading my book.  I still felt washed out, so didn’t rush to do anything.  TT took BB off to football, which was somewhere in Edinburgh.  I pottered, did some washing, ate some toast and read my book.  I had decided a run was out of the question, so went for a  walk instead.  It was still really windy, but quite a pleasant day apart from that.

The boys came home happy.  BB had had a good game and his team had won.  TT brought home provisions for lunch.

The rest of the day was very quiet.  TT did some gardening, BB did some cello and homework and I picked up a few provisions at the supermarket and finished my book.  Later BB cooked our tea.  He replicated the chicken fajitas he had made in home economics on Friday.  We all enjoyed them and I have told him I will be expecting him to cook some more now!

Spotted this when I was out this morning.  Soon this whole field will be yellow.  It was so windy, I could barely stand still long enough to get a blip.

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