Palm Sunday March for Refugees

There was a fair showing of "people of faith", and many more of all sorts of persuasions attending the (sadly) annual march to protest the Australian Government's treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

It is shameful that even a change of government made no difference, as each side is determined to please a section of the population who are more afraid of strangers and are less than compassionate.
So the speeches spoke to the converted about how it is NOT illegal to seek asylum, about our hasty policy of returning tamil refugees to the now totally "safe" Sri Lanka, whilst the immigration minister openly invites white South African farmers to seek safety in our "civilised" country. Really?

We found ourselves at the front of the Anglican group, waving palms and banners , looking past the purple clad 'Grandparents for Refugees'. It seems that compassion doesn't have an age limit..
I acknowledge that the question of refugees is a curly one, and not by any means something only tackled by Australia. But our excessively harsh and callous treatment isn't the answer either.

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