Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Ship's Log - Day 2 - Splat

Another lazy morning with Hubs at the gym and me settled on the stateroom balcony watching the horizon drift lazily past.  Puffy clouds dotting the sky and a warm breeze, and conditions were perfect for some morning yoga.  Felt wonderful to stretch out my muscles and let my mind drift along with the clouds.

Arrived in Falmouth Jamaica a bit after noon, the Captain deftly backing our huge ship into it’s berth.  On the way in, I saw a school of Flying Fish which was very cool - and way too fast for me to get my camera.  Terns and a few Brown Pelicans sitting on buoys in the harbor.  

Not knowing for sure what the conditions on our “gentle” rafting trip would be, decided to leave the D750 in the stateroom and just take the little Nikon bridge camera.  Which turned into a good decision because…


I hit the concrete very hard, scraping knees and hands and doing some soft-tissue damage to right hand and arm.  Adrenaline racing, so I continued on the river raft trip (which was lovely), in spite of Hubs’ objections.  Several hours later, I was visiting with the ship’s medic.  Now bandaged up and in a sling.  Have to go back tomorrow so doc can assess the damage to wrist/arm.  Not sure I will be able to manage my D750 for the remainder of the trip which makes me want to sit down and cry.  Which would be silly, of course.  I still have my bridge camera and a cell phone that I can probably manage even with a sling.  Still…

Anyway, a shot of a palm tree, taken with bridge camera.  Would have liked to have gotten a shot of one of the Greater Antillean Grackles we saw…

Message of the  day - watch your step.


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