April Snow Shower

I have had enough of this awful weather.  It rained, it sleeted, but mostly it snowed.  We were real weather watchers at work.  It was very wet snow though, so didn’t really lie.  However by the time I left the office tonight it was lying.  I had to wade through slush to get to the station.  At least the trains were working and were on time.  I didn’t enjoy my drive home though.

I had to traverse a flood to get to get to holiday club to collect BB.  We were both glad to get home.  I have had a quiet evening, but did have to venture out to get a couple of things from the supermarket.  Thankfully it was just light-ish rain that had to be contended with.

I did have to pop out at lunchtime to run an errand.  It was really horrid.

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