An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Running in the family...

They say that through time owners start to look like their dog and vice versa.   Not sure where they get that idea from :D

After yesterday's heavy snow and grey skies, this morning's sunrise (see extra) promised some sunshine and sure enough it's been a very lovely day.  Blue skies and sunshine and the snow is slowly receding.  Hopefully be gone by the weekend.

It's been the usual hectic day here.  Tesco delivery, Debenhams delivery, Alan's ileostomy supplies delivery, and last but not least, delivery of a white board for the support team's lounge/office (officially known by them now as the big room with their previous lounge/ kitchen / ensuite room being called the wee room :-) 

I can only hope the white board inside the box is MUCH smaller than the box as the box is massive!  Any bigger and it would have taken two people to carry it in from the delivery van.  Not sure what they will be using it for but the wanted one.  Probably to leave notes to each other to say Please remember to empty the bin.  They'll be able to write in letters about three feet high!  On the plus side, I suppose it means the message won't be missed :-)

In the midst of all the deliveries, we have Alan's pal Andrew here for the day.  We asked him what he wanted for dinner and he wanted us to have a BBQ (But it's sunny he said.  Can't fault his logic! :-)  BBQing in the snow!  Now that would have been a blip worth capturing if only David wasn't such a killjoy (I told Andrew if it was up to me we would have had a BBQ but David said no.  I'm in Andrew's good books.  Of course there's no way I would have had a BBQ but neither Andrew or David need know that ;-))) 

Alan and Andrew have been in the pool with Ally, Jordan and David and great fun was had by all.  They're all exhausted now.  Andrew wanted a takeaway for tea so we've gone down the easy route and are having pizza.  

David will take Andrew home at the back of 10 so I am bracing myself for a few more laughs.  Andrew's already come to me and said, "Diane, David told me you've been barred from the local pub for fighting.  Is that true?"  My reply, "sadly yes that is true Andrew.  They were all jealous because I was the best at singing Karaoke and a fight broke out."   "But you are a good singer and I think you would be the best!"  he said.  

He is such a sweetheart :-)))

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