Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Ship's Log - Day 4 - Cartagena, Columbia

An early start when our ship pulled into Port in Cartagena, Columbia around 6:30 this morning.  We boarded our bus for the National Aviary on the island of Banu, about an hour from port.

We spent a thoroughly fascinating morning walking through the huge Aviary which is home to thousands of birds, both wild and captive.  Apparently, it is the second largest aviary in the world, and was only completed a couple of years ago.  The kind of place I’d enjoy spending a day with a long lens and maybe a few fellow nature photographers at my side.  It will take me quite some time to identify everything we saw, but I did manage to find id’s on a few, and recognized quite a few from my time in Florida. 

It was only a half-day in port, so we were back on the ship in time for lunch and on our way to Panama by 1 PM.  Hubs decided to avail himself of the onboard laundry and is currently doing two loads (bless him!)  We plan to catch a comic show tonight, followed by dinner and a fairly early bed.  We will arrive in Panama by 6 tomorrow morning and await our turn to traverse the first three locks.  

Today’s photo is a fascinating bird called a “double-striped thick-knee” or Alcaravan.  I will have to do some research on it when I return home.  This bird is in captivity (full disclosure) but is a native species to this part of Columbia.  I don’t know it’s conservation status.  

Due to the vagaries of the universe, I was unable to upload the fascinating creature and am instead going with a shot of a female Magnificent Frigatebird, taken with my D750 as we left port. 

I am still wearing my sling to mobilize my right arm so only used the little bridge camera today.  Plan to do the same tomorrow.  I’m continuing to ice wrist/elbow/arm and feel that it is making a difference.  My plan is to be able to wield the D750 when we hit Costa Rica in a few days for our private tour.  Fingers crossed.  



PS - see Extra for a shot of Cartagena as we were leaving

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