A shed is on its way

Regular readers of this column may remember that while we were away last September a fire destroyed 8 sheds in our allotments. Ours was one of those 8 and along with the shed we lost £100s worth of tools and equipment.

I’m still having an ongoing battle with the Parish Council over replacing the sheds, it’s now going to the Audit Committee of Kent County Council. Suffice to say despite my efforts the Councillors chairing the environment sub committee has not responded to any of my letters since last November.

The allotment committee, who have similarly been ignored by the Council, have not been idle and have raised sufficient funds to replace 4 of the 8 sheds. And we’re getting one of them. They’re here and will be erected this week.

The whole experience has put a dampener on how we feel about the allotment and the other day was another low point. A fork, rehandled by a fellow plot holder snapped at the first use. It now sits forlornly on the bench upon and around which all our allotment possessions, which were not destroyed in the fire, are heaped.

The sun is shining, it’s getting warmer, birds are in full song. Digging is getting done (albeit) with a border fork. We’re behind but so is the weather. There’s a new shed to be had.

Now to replace all the stuff we lost and also to ensure the Council cough up the funds to replace the other 4 sheds.

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