Foggy Evening Stroll

Getting to the office by 8am I managed to make inroads into my work mountain today, so by the end of tomorrow I might feel a bit happier. At lunchtime I went out in search of courgette seeds. Not realising how late it was, I didn’t leave myself much time. I went off in the direction of Poundland but no luck. Then with 20 minutes before I needed to be back in the office, I reluctantly headed to Thorns, where I bought 2 packets of good F1 varieties. Yellow and green. I hope at £2.75 a packet they will be good ones. Then I popped in to my favourite charity shop with minutes to spare, and couldn’t resist three old Beatrix Potter books. Well worn and much loved but steeped in character, so for 50p each I didn’t need them...but couldn’t resist them. Of course I bought them. I’ll add a photo if I can.

I left work at 5.15 and ran to catch the 5.19 bus. I got home at 6.15 and began by planting my new seeds. I was pleased to see more seeds in the packets than it said on the outside. I planted 6 green ones and 12 of the yellow ‘Gold Rush’. I’ve put them in a plant incubator plugged in, and put it in the summer house. They should sprout in 7 to 14 days.

We had kedgeree for dinner. Jon’s speciality and one of his and Henry’s favourites. It is cooked for me, so I eat it, but I wouldn’t say I love it!!

After dinner, as it was getting dark we took a wander with the dog on a circular walk via the allotment. This photo is the lane where our allotment is hidden. The broad beans are still there, so no rabbits have managed to get in yet! If the weather improves at the weekend I want to dig another bed or two.

Now a cup of tea and I’ll try to FaceTime Mollie.

Nearly Friday. Sigh.

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