Quay Side, Norwich

Yesterday evening, while doing a bit more family history research and flicking through the census returns I made an exciting (to me) discovery. In 1901, my Great Great Grandparents, William and Maria Ketteringham were living at number 10 Quay Side, Norwich. This is now one of those iconic views in Norwich; somewhere I go at lunchtime, just to look at the beautiful old buildings and scenery. I wonder what this was like 117 years ago when my ancestors lived here. I'm going to look further at this census to see who was living in some of the Courts and Yards in the area at tgat time. These were the over populated slum areas which I blipped about quite a lot when I first moved up here.

Talking of moving up here, today is the 3rd anniversary in my job. It has been a busy 3 years, especially as I've moved teams and am in my third job in the same office. I feel fortunate that I've found something I can fit into, although I know it has taken me longer perhaps than is normal, to come to terms with all the changes after our move/redundancies etc. Anyway, I'm getting there now.

Work was frantic but next week will be better. I left at 4.30 and went out to Morrisons as soon as I got in. Now I'm looking at the family history stuff, and wondering about all the factors that have come together to bring me back to a city where my ancestors had their roots so deeply embedded. Is it coincidence? Or is it fate?

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