My husband, the star!

I can say it, because he won't read it, but he really has been a star today. Starting after breakfast to replace 2 rotten doors and door frames on the garage. We were lucky the weather was bright for most of the day, and once he'd got started mum and I went up the town to do a bit of shopping in Morrison's.

We got back at about coffee time by which time Jon had successfully fitted the frame, after adjusting it for height, and managing to stop the whole roof from caving in, in the process (the roof joists had been nailed to the old frame, and the whole roof started to fall down when it was removed!) But he managed to do a good job, even though it took a bit longer than he'd have liked. Door fully functioning and another shed door fixed, and roof on shed given some extra waterproofing felt.

Mum and I, meanwhile, began to refill the new shed with all the bits we had taken out 2 weeks ago. I did a very good Blue Peter job of covering the shelves inside the cupboard with sticky back plastic. I then put all the nails and tacks, screws and suchlike into two plastic boxes I bought in Poundland which are sectioned for such things. Very pleased with the result - about 10 glass jars into recycling and several plastic ones. We did get rid of a bit more clutter, and mum is happy with the end result.

After dinner we went over to see Jenny and Gemma where we spent a nice evening catching up on all the latest family news.

A beer now, then bed.

The scooter? It was in the cobweb-ridden she'd along with several more of our old childhood toys. Two small bikes and a bouncy horse, all either nearly 50 or over 50 years old. The scooter was mine. I had it when I was 7. I'm taking it home....

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