New Shed

An early start, Jon & I left Gresham at 7.25 with a full car and trailer. There wasn’t any traffic which was good and unusual, but it meant we got to Hoddesdon at 10.15.

After a cup of coffee we got going with the shed demolition. Manda came over to help, and once it was down (mainly Jon), Manda and I broke it up into small pieces, which wasn’t pleasant (soooo many big black spiders again, even after me hoovering it all 2 weeks ago!) and put it in the trailer.

Jon levelled the area where the old shed had silently rotted away, and put down the sleepers for the new one to sit on. Then together we put it together - Jon put it together but I held the sides, or the nails, or the hammer. I was an excellent builders mate I think!

Manda and mum went to the surgery to pick up another prescription for dad. He is still not good, but it’s proving hard for him to drink the water the Dr insists he needs to get better.

‘We’ finished the shed and then took the old one to the dump. A pretty tiring but productive day.

Mum cooked a lovely roast dinner, and now we are relaxing. More jobs lined up for Jon tomorrow.

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