Tree Swallow

I met up WRPerry this morning and we headed to the canal.  As soon as we arrived, it started to rain in spite of no such weather prediction, so instead we headed out to Virginia to Ace Photo, figuring we could stop on the way back at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.  

Ace is one of a very few remaining photography stores in the Metro DC area.  I like it because they have an unbelievably large supply of camera bags, more than I have seen in NY at  B&H and I am always in search of the perfect camera bag.

By the time we were done there, the rain was gone and we stopped at the botanical gardens where we found bluebirds and tree swallows and lots of flowering trees and tulips. This isn't my best shot, but it is my best shot of the day and it was really dumb luck.  If you have ever watched tree swallows, you know how fast the move.  This was taken by a birdhouse that was being scouted by a bluebird.  A couple of swallows were also interested and took to swooping down on the bluebird which was when I managed to get this. 

Oh, did I mention we each found a bag  Not sure if mine is perfect, but we'll see....

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