MonoMonday: Contrasts

I keep getting my challenges mixed up. I had in mind today was “Beauty” but I think that’s Wednesday.
Not that this is particularly beautiful but I was going to spin a story about the beauty of smoko time or something.
So instead it’s the contrast between hard work filleting fish and the morning tea break.
Note only one is using a mobile phone and not a fag in sight!

A friend from home had teed up for us to meet his friend who has a fish processing works in Bluff. He showed us round the factory and boats and explained a lot about the industry.
We saw this lot hard at work before they came out for their morning break.

The weather was quite good today as we drove to Manapouri with lots of stops along the way.

On one beach we found this guy and his dog (1st extra). I wondered what he was doing with his complex contraption (2nd extra). I thought some sort of fishing for shellfish but I asked him and he was panning for gold!

Now we are in Manapouri in front of a log fire listening to the rain which has returned.
Off to Milford Sound tomorrow. We have been spoilt by the absence of other tourists, apart from a few young backpackers, since leaving Queenstown but I fear that’s about to change :-(
Still, one needs to see the Sound and although we have twice, Phil and Heather haven’t.

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