Watch this space...

As some of my friends know, I have a giant hosta which appear in this spot, like magic each summer. The leaves are enormous. It is my favourite plant. This year I dug half of it out, and replanted It, behind my pond. So now I have a dip (that has filled itself with dead leaves) but I'll find some soil for that. In the meantime, the snowdrops have faded and are starting to wither, together with the aconites. I'd like to collect the seeds - but will I remember? This pretty purple flower appears to fill a void and then it will be the hosta's turn.

I had an extremely frantic day at work (change the record, I hear you scream at me). I had felt good first thing. Planned my day. But that was a mistake. Anyway, I missed two buses as I had to stay on and speak to someone who had come in. I eventually got away and caught the 10 to 5 bus, drove straight to The Links and did 24 lengths in their pool. Home by 6.45 so didn't do too bad. But I intend getting away earlier each day, so that I can more evenly balance my work v home life. I will also try to get to the allotment if I'm home early enough.

Checked out my seeds and collected the eggs. Only two today, but the chickens are being very secretive about who didn't lay!

It has been nice to just sit in the conservatory until the sun went down, and write my blip. More evenings like this, please.

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