A time for everything

By turnx3

Virginia bluebells

A pleasant, warm, largely sunny day, and after talking with Laura on FaceTime, we got out to Rowe Woods to get a good hike in. I was consistently leading the way today - Roger’s excuse was he’d perhaps overdone it a bit at the fitness centre this week, trying to make up for less exercise over vacation! We saw several types of wildflowers on our walk, as well as blossom and turtles sunning themselves, and I was tempted to do a collage, but I seem to have been posting a lot of collages lately, especially with my vacation backblips, so in the end I decided to go with this shot of Virginia bluebells, probably my favourite of the wildflowers blooming currently. Then it was back home for a late lunch. We were at home in the afternoon, before going out to a football/soccer game this evening down at Nippert Stadium, the University of Cincinnati stadium. This was a new experience for us, but Roger’s work had a deal that if you bought tickets, they would donate $5 per ticket to March of Dimes Charity, and since Roger had been interested in going to a game sometime, it seemed a good opportunity. FC Cincinnati were playing Pittsburgh. The game seemed a bit slow to start with, but then Pittsburgh scored, which seemed to galvanize Cincinnati into some action. They went on to command the ball for much of the game, but seemed to have difficulty actually getting it into the net! The final score was a draw 2-2. It brought back memories while we were down there, of attending University of Cincinnati (American) football games when Philip was a student there, playing in the marching band! It was a good-sized crowd this evening, and it was about 30 minutes before we could actually get out of the car park! Time for bed now - the morning’s exercise is catching up with me!
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