Another Pulsatilla

Yet another glorious day.  I had planned to get up early and go for a walk, but I ended up getting up later than planned, so I went for a run.  It was so lovely and so warm.  It was back home for another washing-fest to make good use of the weather.  Then before I knew it I was heading to the sports centre, to spend most of the day in a windowless sports hall running the secondary badminton tournament.  After a wobbly start (schoolgirl error - no shuttlecocks) we got going and although we had a couple of people pulling out at the late, we managed to compensate and made it through the tournament, though not as quickly as we had hoped.  They all seemed to enjoy it, they were all so good humoured with great attitude and they all have so much energy!  One young lad put his all into it, but didn’t win a single game – but he was still smiling at the end .  He would have got my award for great gamesmanship.

It was so nice to leave the sport centre and emerge into the real world again.  I got home to find that the boys had been busy in the garden (potatoes, onions And shallots planted), and that BB had washed the car.  I was in dire need of a gin and tonic, and it was so nice to sit on the garden with the last of the sunshine.  I then sent TT out for pizzas for tea – which I enjoyed in the garden.  Tomorrow is the primary tournament, so I will be doing it all again.

Another day, another pulsatilla blooming in the sunshine.  The extra shows BB washing the car.  I’m not sure when I am going to find time to back blip our holiday blips.

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