PINK FLOWERS - don't know their name

I got up early as I was expecting a Royal Mail parcel re-delivery.  I had just about given up on it when the doorbell rang at 1.30pm and my parcels arrived.  It was a bit late to go anywhere on the bus so I just walked down to the village. 

I decided to go the back way down the lane that runs through the allotments. I saw a few different flowers in the hedgerow so that's where I took my blip shot.  These aren't wild flowers - I guess they were dumped there by one of the allotment holders. Thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday.

Lots of my blip friends seem to have a rainy day - we had no rain here - in fact its been quite a nice day.  Dry and quite warm at times.

My headache has gone and the sinusitis is better.  Feel rather weary though so I will try and get an early night. 

Steps today - 8,614

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