Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

8 years!

What to do to mark an amazing 8 years…?  Still loving taking the photos and looking at astonishing and everyday sights from all over.  And learning lots about photography.   Have gotten a bit lazy about the commenting (there is too much else to do!!) but do love knowing so many lovely people in so many interesting places and stopping in to see what’s up.    

Fiona is 8.   MY first blip was May 12, 2010 of her sister, who was 6, on the monkeybars.    Fiona was only a few months old then…didn’t make it into blip til June. (!)   So it seems appropriate to include the 8 year old whose almost whole life has been well documented here in this wonderful place (and one of her on the monkey bars!)  Yes, it was a soccer sunday.  (she said I could make a collage of 8 pictures of her….ha… but here she is 4 times. she takes her sleep mask off to play soccer...!))   I do love being able to look back thru the annual books and watch the 4 grandkids grow…I also like to record the landscapes and patterns of city and island, the water, the wildlife, the art, my art, stuff, my stuff, friends, the grandkids and family activities and games, travel, and eclectic interesting things along the way, in the journal of my days.     I did recently open another journal that has nothing to do with my journal days but hopefully will evolve with some more interesting and artistic (and less corny?)  photos.

Thank you to everyone at blip for this lovely site and everyone who stops by…you are an amazing group!!!!!


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