An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Professor Yaffle...


David ordered himself a pair of those foldaway reading specs that fit into a keyring type thing that attaches to the car key so that when he's out and about he doesn't have to take his normal reading glasses with him (actually he always forgets his reading glasses so that's probably the real reason he's ordered these things ;-) 

When he put them on he reminded me of Professor Yaffle, the little bookend woodpecker from old children's favourite Bagpuss :D

Today my lovely blip pal Peter (Sleepyhead) came to visit.  When he last visited we were supposed to go out for dinner to celebrate his birthday but had to cancel as I wasn't well.  For a moment last week I thought we'd have to cancel again due to me being unwell (I am beginning to think P is a jinx! :D) but thankfully the new antibiotic is helping and I felt up to going out.  My taste buds are also working again so it was lovely to be able to taste food.

We headed to a local steakhouse, which is where David made us laugh impressed us by whipping out his new foldaway specs to look at the menu then spent 5 minutes trying to get them to stay on his nose.  of course it helps if you put them on the right way round!

We had a very nice meal and left the restaurant fit it burst!

Alan and Lola were equally pleased to see Peter, especially Lola as he brought her a lovely rope toy that looked indestructible.  Of course Lola had it untangled in minutes but she wasn't attempting to eat it so she could untie and shred it as much as she liked.  No wonder she likes Peter :-)

Poor Peter had to put up with both David and I coughing and spluttering.  I hope he doesn't catch our bugs.

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