Needed something stronger!

I went up to Peebles this morning and bought a car. As soon as I had a test drive in the Fiesta, I knew that it was mine. Now it’s just a wait for the documents to come through and I’ll be going back up to bring it home. It doesn’t have a heated steering wheel, but it does have heated front seats, a quick clear windscreen, stop/start technology, folding mirrors, reverse sensors, climate control, sat nav, etc

This afternoon I went for my break at work and my phone rang. It was DH Borders, the agency I worked for a couple of years ago and who started me in my current job, they had heard that I had handed in my notice and have just the job for me, driving a minibus for the council. Aargh! More descisions!

We had an audit at work yesterday and my operations manager, Sarah, introduced me and told the client “this is Anne, she is going to drive an opentop bus this summer, but we want her back after that.” They’ve offered me a position as a van driver now, so I’ve no end of choices to pick from. The blip is of the can of juice I was drinking on my break while wishing it was a large gin, to help focus my mind.

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