Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Strange Grange

Today I went out with my sis and a friend of hers from Texas.  Deciding against the motorway - which was at a standstill - we poddled about locally.  Micheldever Forest first, to see the bluebells (where yes, I failed to get a shot I liked, again) and very genteel cakes and tea at beautiful Avington Park.  In between we whisked in here.

Northington Grange is an ex-country house and, according to English Heritage, 'one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in Europe'.  Whether or not that last is true, it's certainly  a very strange place. It sits dreaming in a world of its own, nothing around apart from a few sheep and horses.  No cars.  Even today only two other people when we arrived, none when we left.  The inside (which you can't usually see, though I did once by accident) is a total wreck and part time opera venue.

Extra is a snap of (mostly) snapped up tea  ;))

Happy Sunday evening, y'all  xx

Having suddenly caught up with the re-start of DerelictSunday, I've decided to add this, because it is - totally derelict inside, no plaster on the walls, ceilings missing, a huge staircase going nowhere, etc.  I think that counts, don't you?
Thanks so much to Marlieske for hosting

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