a lifetime burning

By Sheol

The Happy Couple

Whensday: 9 May 1987

31 years ago today, this fresh faced pair of innocents newly married and showered in confetti were about to head of to the wedding reception when this shot was taken.  It was a surprisingly hot Saturday for May,  not quite as warm as Sunday and the bank Holiday Monday just gone but certainly in the 70's (we measured everything in Fahrenheit back then of course).

I was tempted to try to recreate this shot, with us both sitting in the back seat of my car, just for a laugh, but Cathy has had to go out this evening which is probably just as well.  I am not sure what the neighbours would have made of that!

We look as though we have been drinking. Well Cathy does for sure. But at this stage she had still to touch a drop.  We were about to be offered a glass of fizz in the car, but as the picture was taken she was still strictly sober.  I on the other hand had been to the pub on the way to the church with my best man.  However, I was so worried about not needing to make an unplanned toilet break in the middle of the service that I settled for a swift gin and tonic rather than a pint of beer, on the basis that volume of liquid would be a factor. In hindsight I don't think I needed to worry :-)

This is the first year ever that we have not taken time off work to celebrate together.  As we've both just had a week off work we agreed that we needed to be sensible.  I suspect that we will do something to rectify that this weekend coming ...

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