Japonica in Early Morning

I just liked how the sun fell on it.

Walked to Open Church for coffee morning and enjoyed meeting the folks. Len brought Basil and came back later to fetch us.

I'd intended to listen to the Inspector Chen play on Radio 4 this afternoon while relaxing in the conservatory but dozed off for the duration. A topical theme for the play. Environmental activists vs unscrupulous factory owners and party managers. Inspector Chen fell in love with the environmental officer but had to give her up to her activist companion. I really didn't like the sound of the pollution on the lake.

Len at tennis. We are on grandparent duty this evening and will have to drive into the wilds of Leicestershire to collect William while his parents enjoy an evening at a wedding reception.

I don't anticipate that William will relish having to be put to bed by his Grandma and Grandad, but you never know.

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