An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Loch Earn...

Despite not getting to bed till gone 2am, we were up early to make sure we were downstairs before any of our guests.  

I had hoped we would be able to have breakfast sitting in the garden but the weather forecast for today was heavy rain in the morning and light rain and cloudy in the afternoon so we just set the dinning table.  As we were all sitting there enjoying breakfast, the heavy cloud lifted and the sun came out and stayed out the rest of the day.

Aileen, Jim, Ian and Cathy left just after midday.  David cleared up the breakfast dishes then took Lola for a walk.  I sat in the sun in the garden room and snoozed.  Bliss!  :-))

Craig, Alan's new support worker, was here on a shadow shift and joined Alan, Shelley and Jordan in the hydrotherapy pool.  This was his first experience of it and he was just observing how Alan gets in and out, but they had great fun once in the pool, as he was chasing Alan and playing water tag.  

Unfortunately not long after the pool session was over Craig got a call from his wife to say their little three year old boy had fallen face first into a pile of nettles and had been really badly stung.  She had managed to get an appointment with the out of hours service to have him checked so Craig headed off to take them.  I hope the wee soul is ok.  

David headed to the golf range for an hour and when he got back we piled Lola into the car and headed off for a wee drive to Loch Earn.  There was still warmth the air despite it being after 7pm.  

We sat on a bench looking right up the Loch and it was lovely.  A few people came and went then a car pulled up with a mum and her son and daughter (they were in their 20s).  Lola was sitting with her eye on the ducks and the threesome approached us and the daughter asked if she could pet Lola.  We said of course and Lola and her turned in to a mutual admiration society!  

Her mum explained she has her own dog but has been away studying.  They were on their way home after picking her up and she was about to see her dog for the first time since Christmas. 

After another few minutes of cuddles between Lola and the daughter, they headed off and I was once again left thinking what an ice breaker dogs are.

Once the sun dropped behind the hill the temperature dropped and we headed home for dinner.  

Busy week coming up so summoning up the energy.

Alan yesterday.

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