An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Death stare...

After a busy few days, we slipped back into the slow lane and had an easy day.

The sun was shining again so we had lunch outside then I had a wander with my camera hoping to get some shots of Lola playing in the water feature, but they were all pretty rubbish so instead I'm blipping a shot of Lola giving David the death stare because he's not paying attention to her

Caught up with some household admin and printed off the list of materials I need to buy for the watercolour painting course I've signed up for.  David got my paints and brushes from the loft.  It's years and years since I've used them but I'm hoping they may be of some use.  Will investigate them tomorrow.

Had hoped to catch up with Blip but have gotten engrossed in a programme about Asian weddings in Scotland.  Fascinating!

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