An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Junk mail...

Another sunny day :-))

Poor David went to bed last night and ten minutes later he had a dash to the loo to throw up!  Thankfully it only happened once and he's felt ok today.  I've been fine but doing that thing of wondering if I do feel sick but thankfully I don't.  

This afternoon I decided to have a go at some water colour painting to get back into the way of it before my course in a few weeks.  Oh dear.  Whatever basic skill I may once have possessed has clearly deserted me!  What a mess.  

I was going to tear up and bin my efforts but at the last minute decided to keep them to use as my before paintings.  I am hoping the work I produce on the course will clearly show great progress when compared to today's efforts!  If nothing else, they will help me gauge how well spent my money was.  Or not!  

Something I did take pleasure in tearing up and throwing in the bin was this UKIP leaflet that was posted through our door today.  

I read recently that UKIP had raised £500,000 to send leaflets to every household in the UK in the event the UK would be taking part in the European elections.  Well I was more than happy to waste their time, effort and money by slowly ripping their pathetic little pamphlet into pieces and dumping it in the bin.  

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the Gin Palace drinking coffee and discussing events coming up in the coming weeks.  Busy times ahead but all good.  I also planned to edit photos but it was so peaceful out there with the doors open, sunshine and birdsong that I dozed off!  

Came in to make dinner and have spent the evening trying to decide what to get our God-daughter Emily for her upcoming 21st!  No conclusion reached as yet.

In line with our new healthy eating, as well as trying our best to cut out refined sugar, we've also been cutting down on the amount of meat we eat.  With this in mind, for dinner last night I made Delia's chicken with lime and coconut with Quorn instead of chicken.  

David has been saying all day that he thinks it was the Quorn that made him sick and I've been telling him not to be silly.  Well he's just emailed me this  !!!  

Looks like he's right and once again I am reminded that anything "man-made" is generally bad for you and that a balanced diet of proper, healthy, REAL food is the best thing for us!

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