An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Made by my lovely blip pal Inge

Another warm, sunny day.  I really feels as though summer has arrived.

Inge and her husband are here on their annual trip to Scotland and staying at their holiday house not far from us.  

I was lucky to have lunch with her last Thursday and she confirmed she and Derk were free to come for lunch today.

David collected them both so they could enjoy a little refreshment with lunch and when they arrived Inge and I settled on a G&T (surprise!  ;-)) as our refreshment of choice.  Perfect on such a hot day.

We had a lovely afternoon catching up over lunch al fresco, and hearing about the next stage of their Scottish adventure.  Of course we did discuss the dreaded B word (we're all singing from the same hymn sheet on that one!) and if that left a slight sour taste in our mouths, it was soon sweetened by a slice of Inge's home made Appeltaart.  It's an old family recipe handed down from Derk's grandmother to his mother then on to Inge.  

Oh my!  I can't remember the last time I tasted an apple dessert as delicious as that.  Inge's mother-in-law taught her well :-))  And there's enough left over for us to have some more!  I don't mind coming off my no refined sugar wagon for a taste of something so delicious and home made.  The odd little treat on special occasions is allowed and this was both a special occasion and a treat.

Once lunch was over we retreated from the heat in the side garden to the Gin Palace.  Inge and I decided perhaps peppermint tea (rather than more gin) was the way to go :-))  

I am delighted to say that Lola was much calmer than she was when they visited last year (the heat may have had something to do with that!) although she did steal Inge's packet of paper tissues!

All too soon it was time for David to take them back home again and we bid our farewells promising to meet up again next year.  

While we were enjoying our afternoon, Alan was enjoying his up at Broughty-Ferry where he and Jordan met up with Simon and Obama (see extras)  He returned full of they joys.  

This evening David headed to the golf course to play a few holes and Lola and I snoozed in the garden room for a little while.  Bliss.

Inge it was so lovely to spend time with you and Derk today.  Thank you  for the delicious appeltaart and the lovely bottle of Dutch gin.  I have sampled it this evening and can confirm it is delicious!  

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