An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Back to Broadslap...

We didn't plan on going back to Broadslap for lunch today (third time this week. Something of a record for us I think!) but for reasons I won't bore you with, our original lunch plans were scuppered, and so we found ourselves headed in that direction and it seemed silly not to.

When we arrived, Lin the manager was in discussion with the chef about the new summer menu and on seeing us exclaimed, "Perfect timing!  It's only right our best customers should have some input into our new summer menu!" and so we found ourselves offering suggestions and vetoing others.  Will be fun to see what makes it on to the final version :-))

When we were about to leave, Lin said she had an observation about D and me that she had to share.  Cue nervous glances between us!  No need to be nervous though because what she said was rather lovely, if unexpected!  

Her observation was that many couples have their coffee/lunch/afternoon tea with barely a glance at one another and barely a word passing between them, but we always have lots to say to one another and lots of laughter.   She concluded by saying that we obviously enjoy each other's company and love each other very much!  Ha!  I wonder if she'd have reached the same conclusion if she'd heard the political conversation we had tonight with D driving me to distraction by playing Devil's Advocate.  He almost got a frying pan to the head!  He should know by now that he can agree with me or be wrong!  ;-))

Order was restored when he went to play a quick nine holes of golf and I finally got my act together and ordered the materials I need for the floral watercolour painting course.

When D finds out how much I've spent it will be me getting a frying pan to the head!

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