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By Damnonii

Chill Out Chair...


David was up and out early this morning as he had to be in Dundee for a seminar on eye gaze communication technology, meaning Lola missed her morning walk so it was down to me to keep her amused till R, the dog walker came to take her out at 3pm.  She was jumping with excitement when she saw him!

Despite being a beautiful dry day, she still managed to get filthy on her walk.  R dried her off but luckily David arrived home at the same time they did so he was able to clean her up properly.

We've been trying to find Alan a comfy chair to sit in to watch tv etc and have trialled one chair that after a week he wasn't keen on (it hurt his neck) so today a Rep from another seating company popped in at 4pm to let Alan try out a thing called a Pod Chair.

It looked quite cool and as you can see from the photo, he was pretty chilled out in it.  Unfortunately we could all see very quickly that it wasn't strong enough and didn't have enough support for him.  Too reclined (he has his right arm behind his head in order to pull his head forward.)  

The Rep happened to have another style of chair in his van that he brought in to let us see and it was a much better option.  Unfortunately the sample he had was too small for Alan to sit in but we and the OT think it would be suitable (it's very similar to a previous chair he had) so we will try that one.

Straight after that we had a team meeting with all the members of Alan's support team who are coming on holiday to Devon with us,  plus Rosie their line manager.  It's the first chance we've had to properly discuss the travel plan etc  

It's all very convoluted as we are driving down, David and I in our car and Alan in his.  Jordan is coming for the whole two weeks, Shelley is coming for the first four days and will share the drive down with Jordan, then she flies home on the Monday and Ally flies down till the Saturday, then she flies home and Christine flies down on the Saturday and shares the drive back up with Jordan the following Friday.  See what I mean?!  :-))

As ever for us, going on holiday is a military operation but we are all looking forward to it.  This will be our first proper family summer holiday since the fated holiday in France in 2015 when Alan took ill and we had the journey from hell home.  I still get palpitations when I think about it!  I am hoping we will have a more enjoyable and relaxing holiday this time.

After dinner I noticed Lola was nibbling a bit of fur on her back a lot.  On inspection I think she has a hot spot although I can't see the actual spot. Her skin looked moist though.

David dried it off and put on some Colloidal silver balm.  I will ring the vet in the morning for advice and get some hibiscrub to wash the area.   It seems more than coincidental this happens a week after she had the Kennel Cough vaccination.  Hmmmm...

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