Seed Card

A really busy day at the office.  I had booked on a training course and really didn’t have time for it, but I made the time and found it really useful.  I wasn’t long back at my desk, when it was time for a Unit lunch to wish our leader well.  We had a really nice lunch and lots of laughs.  That left me only two and a half hours to work through my in box which was bursting at the seams.  I also ended up consoling a colleague who had received some bad news this afternoon.

It was good to eventually get home, though I know that I left lots to be done.  I picked BB up and got him home, fed him and then got him back out to football training.  I then had to zoom home for what was my last ever PTA meeting at primary school.  We have a big event in a couple of weeks, so the work is not all over yet!

I eventually got home after 9pm, by which time I was in need of some food.

I received a wonderful package in the post today.  I ordered a craft box recently, and it came today.  Amongst other things it contained this lovely card which is impregnated with seeds.  It looks far too nice to plant, so I have blipped it, before I plant it!

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