Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Kuwait Street

After a morning that saw some important things get sorted*, G & I ventured out in the cool of the day. I hadn't been out and fancied a walk along somewhere and we also had an errand to run.

We weren't in the car long before G mentioned the tyres needed to be checked, so we headed to our local tyre shop. Yet another Dunlop tyre has developed a bulge. No option now but to put two new tyres. The shop doesn't stock Dunlop, so G opted for Good Year. (It also doesn't make sense to buy more of the same brand that has so obviously failed.)

My blip is of Kuwait Street where the tyre shop is located. A very busy thoroughfare that divides Karama into North and South (we live on the Southside). Dubai adopted a policy several years ago to name important roads and streets after Arab capitals, so that's how we get the name. This is taken handheld, so apologies for the slight camera shake.

We then had a quick bite to eat at our local Lebanese street food joint before heading to Filli's to meet up with an old colleague (now friend). Mahmood was there right at the start when we had the idea to launch our website and he helped us develop it. He also gave very valuable advice and feedback on how to keep going at the moment. We spent almost two hours chatting and catching up, sitting outdoors and enjoying a very cool breeze! Not bad at all for the third week of May.

* I have been on the receiving end of some great customer service from and the provider of the subscription accounting package I use! One gave me a $10 credit and the other six months free. Result!

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