Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tiny Bubbles

"Tiny bubbles 
in the wine
make me happy
make me feel fine"   ~Don Ho

The phenomenon of flies, bees, wasps and lacewings blowing bubbles is one that has been bandied about in entomological circles for quite some time, with no clear resolution.  The theories range from cleaning of mouthparts, to defensive, to disgorging toxins, to name just a few.  Whatever the case, it is always very cool when you can get a macro lens pointed at this odd behavior.  I was holding the lens with one hand while trying to keep the leaf from blowing all over with the other - resulting in a not-quite-crisp shot.

I was actually torn about which photo to post today - my other favorite being two flies doin' the Wild Thing.

Those of you who have known me for a while know that, next to birds, my favorite things to photograph are arthropods...of all kinds.  So, today being a warm spring day, I just had to take the macro lens on a little safari around the garden.  Loads of flies and bees, some neat lady beetle larva, the remains of a wee jumping spider (sad face) and a stink bug - not bad for this early in the year.  I also saw my first ever Knab's Leaf Beetle (HERE on Flickr) which was very cool.  

Good talk with Mom and Dad this morning.  I also got the ball rolling to get my 10-year brain scan done.  Some of you know I had a brain tumor removed in 2008 and was regularly scanned for the first 5 years.  Now, I'm on the 5-year "plan".  I am nervous about it, which isn't rational, but is human.  And, of course, the insurance company wants to be involved - like they actually know any damned thing about brain tumors!  Anyway, the two surgeons who did my initial surgery are on the job and I know they'll get the insurance company on board.  Meanwhile, I'm tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday morning.  I'm hugely claustrophobic, so I'll be loaded with valium.  I just want to get this behind me.  


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