Dandelion Days: Make a Wish!

It is the wonderful time of year when the yard is full of dandelion magic. They may look like weeds to you, but the dandelions are flowers too. And there they go, transforming overnight from yellow blooms that feed the bees into amazing white fuzzy, round, seed structures.

The crittergators saw the floofy white things in the yard, and they were very, very interested. So I picked one quite carefully, and I brought it inside where we could investigate it more closely.

The crittergators surrounded it with great enthusiasm. And someone (not mentioning any red-shirts by name) who shall remain nameless tried to wear it as a hat, or perhaps an afro . . . and looked mighty ridiculous, I may add.

We examined the white fuzzy thing that once was a flower under a magnifier. Hmm, so interesting, so organized, so very, very cool! Eventually I blew on it and showed them the true wonder of dandelions: white flying seedlets, EVERYWHERE!

I told them it was customary to make a wish when blowing on a dandelion and setting the seeds a-flutter. What could a crittergator wish for, one wonders? Look, those wishes are flying everywhere!

And you, dear reader, what is your dearest wish? Leave it in a comment box below, and I promise I shall make it for you when I blow upon my next dandelion. Who knows? Your wish may take flight into the heavens, and actually come TRUE!!

The song for this image has to be about a wish, and here is a fine wish, courtesy of Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here.

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