Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

A tangle of boats

Nelson Marina.
TT156 results
A lot of you found this a more difficult challenge, HARD in fact. (Couldn’t resist). In some cases you couldn’t find anything suitable and in others you couldn’t get the subject matter to look anything but boring. In those cases you need to play around with your camera settings as Digital Dave did finding new ones he had never used. Go for a different focus. A low f stop gets a softer focus as with weeflecky’s barnacle. Hinden kept it simple and composition helped hers. Fitzbilly also kept it simple and sharp but lots of detail and Mojoayee got lots of detail into such a macro shot. Sometimes you need to move to another place to take the photo to get different light. Add a reflective background, or some sparkle. Above all though every now and again think of doing something you don’t usually do.
What I like about Blip is what it brings out in your comments or how you interpret the topic. Dollydoug had lovely memories of their spanner; J4net made her mothers ear look really different getting close to her “hard” of hearing aid; and Gadget kid managed to get confetti looking the size of greeting cards. Coffee Potter found a fascinating larvae as they dug hard making new gardens.
Thankyou all for continuing to have a go at the TT challenge. Next weeks theme is the opposite to hard. Go SOFT- in focus, in subject matter, in tones. Your choice but make it macro.


Honourable Mentions

Big E

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