Mollie loves hugging. Henry is less keen. I was missing a blip, and of the several I took, she said this was the only acceptable one, blurr and All!

A lot to do at work to catch up from my one day off yesterday. I will have to try and get in early Tuesday.

Shopped after work with Mollie, and then went for a wander to the allotment with Christina. The ground is lovely and soft after the rain last night. We pulled out a few thistle, but i plan to spend a big part of the weekend down there, with a view to weeding.

Have just watched The Greatest Showman for the first time. Mollie bought the DVD. I enjoyed it, and it was under 2 hours so suited me. Tomorrow night I'll be home alone and might actually get to watch The Suffragette which I bought ages ago!!

A late night, so I don't plan to be up early tomorrow! Bet I am though.....

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