It is unpredictable how long this brick want's to fall down, and I did not help him. I found it a funny sight.
And my extra for today shows a giant at the entrance of Wuergassen.
I have tried to find out what reason there was to put him there, but could not find a clue.
In the morning I was sandpapering for the last time, and I suspect that I can paint Monday morning.
We cycled to Wuergassen and beyond to have a look if the deserted land between the Weser and the road had interesting overgrowth yet, and little creatures in it. We only saw long grasses and not one creature.
After that we went to the gravelpit nearby, where Piet Hein lay in the grass and I walked around a bit. The frogs jumpted into the water, and the chasing dragonflies had not one moment for a rest.
The weather so warm again, too hot to sit in the sun.
A damselfly landed upon my arm, and I was a bit surprised to see that he/she was eating a tiny fly. But I know that is what these insects do all day.

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