Upwards and onwards

Dullsville corridor duty, wandering the halls of Woods building looking for any mischievous children. None were to be found however as they were all in the music area rehearsing for their composition performance tomorrow - where I'd left them all practising unsupervised in order to do my official patrol duty at the other end of the school.......... 

Anyway, I started idly taking phone snaps of things around me to fill the time, this iron railing at the top of the staircase being one such.   It isn't really wide angle, as it's cropped;  but it is lines, which is the topic of wide angle Wednesday today hosted by BobsBlips, so I've joined the challenge!

Meanwhile in other news:  my month of hosting Mono Monday draws to a close with week #4 subject of 'Finale'' on 28th May (mm227) for which my wow factor hearts go to:

Mono Monday Finale - a creative and effective interpretation by howesruth;

Mono Monday - Finale from DonnaWanna.  An elegant and artistic sepia bleed treatment of a ballet of final leaves and seed pods - I can almost hear the music; 

Mono Monday - Final -  by kayakgirl.  I have to admit that at the time of choosing the week's keyword, I was unaware that Monday was Memorial Day in the States and I'm not sure if this was fortuitous or not, but it certainly provoked some poignant "finale" photos, including this beautiful understated image that says it all. 

Mono Monday 227 - Finale charmingly evocative and captivating childhood portrait by SkiMe;

And, as it is my final week, I am cheating by choosing four photographs as 'best of show' entries in my fifth heart selection for the "Simply beautiful seed heads" category:  
Finale by GoranZebuhr, 
Finale by john39; 
Finale by Talpa  
Last by lisabet 
(and oops - yes I have now exceeded my daily heart quota, so I'll be back!)

It was hard this week, such quality images and interesting subjects, so do check out the tag 'mm227' for more great shots.  I could easily have given out many more hearts and it's been a painful process limiting my selection tonight.  However, I will say that hosting mono monday has been very rewarding - I've "met" new blippers, seen some wonderful photos and got quite a few ideas to explore in my own photography.  So, If anyone would like to learn by hosting MonoMonday please get in touch with Skeena.  For the month of June however, Laurie54 has kindly agreed to host the challenge.  

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