Capital adventures

By marchmont


A morning at Surgeon's Hall attending the launch of the Centre for Homelessness Impact.  I was involved in the first 2 years gestation of this project and it was great to see it finally launched.  My colleague L did a great job of explaining why evidence is so important in determining what works and how change can achieve positive outcomes.

After some networking over lunch it was home to sort out a Lottery issue and encourage some more people to attend our next event.  

Did rubbish things in the evening apart from visiting my dad's cousin grave in the cemetery.  He would have been 98 today.  He died aged not quite 21 in 1941.

And I sorted out the Glasgow visit with Y.  She tells me there is sunshine in the west.  It a'int here.  The haar continues to dominate.  I wish I could look out in the morning and see the Kirk.  the sun would be even better.

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