Clock Maker

More greyness today, though not quite as damp and cold as yesterday.  It did brighten up at one point during the day, and I had to pull the blind down, but the brightness disappeared, so I pulled the blind up again.  I was doing a job at work which has to be done, but is a real chore and spent the day looking for excuses not to do it.  An excellent excuse appeared in my in-box, but rather too late in the day for me to make much progress. When I left I still hadn’t finished the awful job, but I should finish it when I am next back in the office.

I picked BB up tonight and we then had to swing by the supermarket on our way home.

It’s been a quiet evening.  I should have been baking, but hadn’t the inclination.  I feel an early morning session coming on!

Here is the clock maker – building the floral clock in Princes Street Gardens.

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