Mono Monday - Scattered

The theme for Mono Monday today is " scattered ". For pud this evening I prepared a bowl of strawberries and scattered some mini meringues over the top.  Blip sorted.  Thanks to laurie54 for hosting.

Usual Fitness Class this afternoon.   The room in the Community Centre is too small for the number of people who turn up these days. So Emma our instructor is looking around for a bigger venue.  Not much choice in the village so I'm guessing we will move to the Church Hall if we move anywhere.

Did a bit of shopping in Tesco before coming home to do a few household chores.  Then I got the bus to Lidl.  Haven't been there for a while so I had a good look around. 

Didn't go to Slimming Club this evening.  Put on quite a few pounds over the past few days due to all the birthday treats and will be out of my target range so I will wait until I'm a bit lighter before going back. ( If I'm out of target I will have to pay a fee so I will try to avoid that ).

The weather was warm today and we had a lot of sunshine.

Steps today - 12,468

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