I've been a blipper for 7 years

So today I am posting my 2,555th blip.  Amazing.  Little did I  realise when I posted my first blip shot just how much I would love being a blipper and how  wonderful the blip community is.  I think of all my blip friends as real friends.  I am lucky enough to have met some of you in person and look forward to meeting more of you in the future.  Thank you to all my blip friends for your lovely comments, stars and hearts over the past 7 years. And a big thanks to BlipCentral for keeping the site going - and going strong

As for today - I have been to Ikea. Three reasons to go - there was a Sale on, I had a voucher for £5 which I got from them as a birthday gift --- and as a member I get a free cup of coffee.  I didn't spend much but got quite a few things which were reasonably priced including the usual Ikea purchases of a pack of scissors, some batteries and some plastic bags.

The weather was dry today and warm-ish but no sunshine.

Steps today - 8,517

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