Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


So today I have been blipping for 8 years.  Amazing to think that I have posted 2,920 photos on this site.  Blipfoto has changed my life for the better.  Its given me a purpose every day.  I have made so many lovely friends on this site and have been lucky enough to meet a lot of you in person.  I would like to thank everyone who visits my journal - all comments are greatly appreciated.  And a big thank you to BlipCentral for keeping this site going. 

I had fun making this collage with numbers, letters and party confetti.

Musical link is PHOTOGRAPH by Ringo Starr. 

No Morrisons today as my friend Jan had something else she had to do.  She's going shopping tomorrow morning but I can't as I'm off to a blipmeet.  So I needed to shop today.  Colin had a routine appointment for blood tests at his GP surgery in Gateshead.  He would normally walk as he hates travelling on the bus.  However its too far to walk from my house so he had to go by bus.  I decided to accompany him. The blood tests were over quickly and then we went shopping in Tesco. It was raining heavily ( its rained all day ) so we didn't stay long in Gateshead.

Later this afternoon Colin's social worker phoned.  I'm not sure exactly what was said as Colin went outside ( in the rain ) to take the call. But it turns out that the social worker and two others want a meeting with him.  They suggested a local cafe but Colin wanted them to come here.  He's not good in public situations. The meeting is tomorrow.  I think its to put things in motion for a new kitchen and bathroom to be fitted but Colin is very vague.

Steps today - 7,428

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