Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


This morning I left Colin in bed as he wasn't feeling well and I caught the bus to Gateshead. Then I walked down to The Sage to go to an 11am blipmeet. It was organised by JohnRH who is visiting the area.  7 of us sat round chatting and drinking coffee for a while and then we had a wander down to the Quayside, across the Millennium Bridge, back across the Swing Bridge and returned to The Sage for more drinks/snacks.  We were then joined by davidc .

My blip shot was taken by Roy ( Mr 60plus).   From left to right you can see  JohnRH, non blipper Mrs JohnRH,  ME, davidc , Shygirl73 , 60plus , and,  riversider   ,

It was a lovely blipmeet. Great to see some familiar faces and new ones too.


By the time we came out of The Sage to go our separate ways it was raining heavily again.  I headed for Waitrose to get some fruit and then caught a bus in Eldon Square to save walking down to Market Street in the rain.

While I was on the bus my phone rang.  It was a lady called Anna from Environmental Health saying she was outside my house with Gary from the advocacy charity and they had been knocking and knocking trying to see Colin for the meeting which had been arranged yesterday. He wasn't answering the door so she wondered why.  I said he might have popped out to the shops or he could be in the garden having a smoke.  She said she would wait for me to get home as she really wanted to get the meeting over with today.

When I got home they were still waiting on the doorstep.  I made them comfortable on the sofa and realised Colin hadn't been downstairs as everything was as I had left it this morning.  So I figured he was in bed.  He was - fast asleep and very difficult to wake up.  He had been asleep all the time I had been out. I told him that Anna and Gary were here so he roused himself to talk to them. 

They talked for around an hour ( I kept a low profile ).  Apparently things have been put in motion for the work to be done in Colin's flat.  Its not going to be a quick fix so he could be here for a while.

Lily is having a stressful time as you can imagine.  She doesn't like strangers and was only just beginning to get used to Colin being here but two extra people this afternoon freaked her out so she's back to hiding away again.

I would like to thank everyone who commented and left stars and hearts on yesterday's entry marking 8 years of blipping.  At the moment my blip is in 6th place on the popular page.

Steps today - 13,040

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