Sadly, I am on a course for the next few days so can't really throw myself into full touristy mode yet. That said, the sun was shining on my walk this morning and I do love the trams and buildings here so here you have both. Touristy shots will come later in the week!

I had a bit of a lift incident today. To operate the lift in the hotel you need your key card. Unfortunately, my key card today failed which I only noticed when the lift took me hostage. I was stuck in this lift with a life of it's own while it descended to the garage where it then just stayed for 15 minutes until someone else called it. I was just stuck in garage no man's land! Poor me! I didn't even have sandwiches with me!

Still, I have had a very nice dinner of goose, red cabbage and large Viennese dumplings to make up for it!

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